The Team

Keith Allsop / Digital Development Engineer
Has been involved for over 25 years in digital product development. His expertise in digital signal processing algorithms resulted in the Audio Alchemy DTIPro32, the Perpetual P-1A and several other DSP-based resolution enhancement and speaker correction systems-all of which were well documented and praised by the audio industry press and consumers. His expertise and passion for audio includes both analog and digital design, and for Constellation Audio this resulted in our optical gain control system, among other things. Keith's experiences include work for Sony Broadcast video group (UK), Star Semiconductor, and Synopsys DSP/SystemC products.

Brad Babineaux / Mechanical Engineer
Serves as the mechanical engineer for Constellation Audio. Brad spent three summers interning at Neal Feay Company while studying mechanical engineering at Louisiana Tech. Once finished with school, he moved to Santa Barbara and began working for Neal Feay full-time. In addition to working on the Constellation line, he has worked on projects for Wisdom Audio and Black Diamond Video. He enjoys playing the drums and guitar, skateboarding, surfing and sailing in his spare time. He drives a an Audi S5, when the skakeboard isn't fast enough.

James Bongiorno / posthumus
James Bongiorno Is revered in the audio industry his design work at Hadley, Dynaco, SAE, GAS, Sumo, and presently, at Spread Spectrum Technologies. All of those years of amplifier design have resulted in a number of innovations and a deep understanding of the special requirements an amplifier places on its power transformer. For Constellation Audio, James used his expertise to design exceptionally quiet yet efficient toroidal transformers used in the Hercules and Pegasus amplifiers. His expertise in balanced circuit design helped us develop the aspect of the line stage which assures exact positive and negative phase matching for either balanced or unbalanced inputs.

John Curl / Analog Development Engineer
Is one of the best-known engineers in the audio industry. John is the primary design force behind the Constellation Audio Orion phono preamplifier. His influence as a mentor to fellow Constellation Audio engineer Peter Madnick can be felt (and heard) in all of our analog circuitry. John's passion to achieve the best possible audio performance mirrors Constellation's mission statement. His resume reads like a history of the high-end audio industry. John's pursuit of ultra-low noise circuitry drove his original JC2, SOTA, Vendetta, Dennesen, Parasound, and the CTC Blowtorch designs.These efforts culminate in the Constellation Orion-the ultimate expression of his passion.

Irv Gross / Vice President of Sales
first felt the power of music in his youth when he heard the Beatles and Bob Dylan. As a child of the 60’s and a college student in the 70’s, his tastes grew deeper roots and branched in different directions. When he realized his career would neither be in law nor philosophy, he started working in a stereo store. Selling great gear and sharing wonderful music with good people turned out to be so much fun that he never left. He believes that music has the power to build bridges among people and reach us in ways that make us more human. At Constellation Audio, he understands that our equipment helps the listener experience the artists’ musical truths. His unapologetic tastes start with Bruce Springsteen and range from Mose Allison to Frank Zappa, from Bach to klezmer, from Sarah Vaughn to Rosanne Cash, and from Guy Clark to Dave van Ronk.

Ignacio Incognito / Guru / Investor
Is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Some say he is the product of his upbringing in a third-world country; others insist he is the president of a third-world country. Not a team player and one who shuns the limelight, Ignacio can be counted on to do his own thing. During his spare time he likes to... well we really don't know what he likes to do in his spare time or if he really has any spare time.

Bascom King / Analog Development Engineer
Joined us in order to commercialize a new topology in power amplifier design for Constellation Audio. In his more than 40 years in the audio industry, he has worked extensively with both tube and solid-state circuitry. Bascom's clients have included Forsell Technologies, PS Audio, Cullen Circuits, Marantz, Great American Sound (GAS), Sumo, Infinity Systems, Counterpoint Electronic Systems, Genesis Technologies, Genesis Advanced Technologies, Klipsch, Audio Alchemy, Perpetual Technologies, and Conrad-Johnson Design. While much of Bascom's work has been behind the scenes, he is perhaps best known for his expert technical reviews in leading audio magazines.

Richard Liddell / Product Development Engineer
Has been involved with every product-a number now close to 400-to have come from DTG, Audio Alchemy, Alchemy2, as well as products developed for their clients. Richard's experience and hands-on knowledge of both analog and digital design and software control places him in the center of everything Constellation Audio does, from research and development to testing and final production. Richard works directly with all of our designers to help transform each of their theories into the finished products you see today.

Peter Madnick / Audio Design Engineer
Has the task of realizing the Constellation Audio mission as actual products. His 35 years in the audio industry have prepared him for just that. During this period almost 400 products have passed through his laboratories. He is best known for Audio Alchemy, which he co-founded, and more recently Alchemy2. His clients have included Runco International, Epson, Planar, Monster Cable, Perpetual Technologies, Gibson, Soundmatters, Vizionware, Gennum, Event, Color Labs, Belkin, Crystal Vision, VideoForge and many others. Though most have been audio products, the range includes high-end video processing and projection, industrial control, medical, and professional audio. Having had the pleasure to work with many distinguished engineers in the field, Peter enjoys the opportunity Constellation affords to bring a select few together to follow the dream of building the best products possible.

Demian Martin / Audio Design Engineer
Is another well-known audio engineer to join Constellation's development team. Famous for founding both Spectral Audio and Entec, two highly respected brands from the '80s, Demian has a reputation for innovative and enduring products in the audio industry. Also on his resume are Crosby Audio, Rockport, NuForce, Monster Cable, and now Auraliti. Demian has collaborated with fellow Constellation Audio engineer Peter Madnick on many projects over the years, including the revival of the Entech brand under Monster Cable, but now the two are working together on the Constellation Sirius HD music source. Demian's experience with developing the Auraliti digital file player provides us with fabulous insight into this brand-new product category, allowing us to push the limits of the technology.

Cedric Meza / Digital Development Engineer
Is an expert in FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) based systems. His history of analog and digital design for the entertainment industry with Video Associates Labs, Crystal Semiconductor and Equator Technologies made him a valuable addition. The high-speed logic design in which Cedric specializes is integral to product design today, and especially to the control systems of all the Constellation products now and moving forward.

Murali Murugasu / CEO / President / Investor
Trained as a medical doctor specializing in elderly care, and is also an MBA, an audiophile and an entrepreneur. He and our chairman were part of the team that created the critically acclaimed turntable business Continuum. He can think of few things better in life than using your talents to pursue your passion. Murali has been an avid audiophile for more than 20 years, and through many of his contacts over those years he has helped form the Constellation Audio team. Among his responsibilities are strategy, direction and management of the Constellation endeavor. Somehow he finds time, with his wife, to raise their young son. And all the time-well, most of the time-he savors the finer things life has to offer.

David Payes / Chairman / Investor
Relies on his experience as a lawyer, economist and property developer to help him guide the direction of Constellation Audio. He has lectured at Melbourne/ Monash universities and for the last 20 years headed a very successful property development company. He is one of the founding members of Continuum Audio. David has an ear for music, but also listens and is available with sage advice on Constellation Audio's business decisions. While David obviously has used his left brain successfully throughout his career, he's never forgotten the importance of using the right side as well. He is passionate about music (an audiophile for 30 years), food, travel and art, and understands the beauty of a balanced life. His wife, an internationally acclaimed photographer, is always there to help him realize that balance.

Alex Rasmussen / Industrial Designer
Has over 18 years of experience in industrial design. His passion for form and innovation has allowed him to create over 150 distinct product lines for over 60 companies. His clients range from huge corporations to entrepreneurs with a circuit idea and a dream at their kitchen table. He takes great pleasure in knowing that the pride of ownership he creates in the audio components he designs results in more people enjoying music.

A native Santa Barbaran, Alex graduated from the University of Southern California before returning to the industrial design and fabrication firm Neal Feay Company, the family business he grew up in. He is married to the prettiest little thing, and her impeccable style is a constant source of inspiration. He is passionate about music, art, sailing and surfing.

Alex is thrilled to have the opportunity to work with the “dream team” at Constellation Audio. The free reign, timeline, and budget allowed by Constellation gave him the opportunity to make real many concepts that he had wanted to execute for years. While he attacks every commission with passion, this project has been truly special.

Ken Samel / Software Development Engineer
Has the formidable task of developing code for every component within the Constellation Audio line to keep the entire system working as a seamless unit. Ken spent the early part of his career as a mass-storage developer with companies like Wang Labs, Magna Computer (as a co-founder), EMC, and Quantum Data, rising to the level VP of Engineering . Subsequently, for DTG and Alchemy2, he's been following his passion as a specialist in embedded microcontrollers. His software has appeared in hundreds of consumer products over the years, handling all manner of control, operation, display and operational details.

Carl Thompson / Printed Circuit Board Designer
Gravitated toward the more technical aspects of design after trying to be an artist but never quite tapping into the yourself/nonself concept. Studied physics, philosophy and psychobiology in college. Has worked on a 35,000-pin, 4 GHz (on the PCB) digital design. Prefers analog which he regards as sculpting in electromagnetic space (he's not quite ready to give up on that artist thing). Acknowledges John Curl's knowledge of circuitry at all levels helped him become a better designer. Points out with pride that “Virtually everything I've worked on lately has been notably successful.” Not a bad place to be for a frustrated artist.

Jay Victor / Wire Designer
Is a musician, a lifelong music fanatic, and president, CEO, and chief designer of Orbital Development, LLC. Jay was previously in charge of new product development at Monster Cable. He was instrumental in Monster Cable's entry into the AC surge suppressor/line conditioner market, and personally participated and managed the designs of most of these products. If you're an audiophile, chances are that you're already using a cable or another audio/video component that Jay designed. Other companies he's designed for are Audioquest, XLO, PS Audio, Tributaries, Ethereal, Belkin, Pangea (Audio Advisor), Fender, Vox, Core One, Phoenix Gold and Mitek. He is the holder of approximately 40 patents for cable geometry and connector design.

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