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Cygnus / Digital File Player / DAC
Cygnus / Digital file player/DAC / Overview
Cygnus Digital file player / DAC
The Cygnus is designed for the way audiophiles listen to music today—and the way they will listen to it in the future. It combines an advanced digital-to-analog converter with digital file access and browsing capabilities. Audiophiles can easily access music files stored on hard drives or USB sticks, and can use the Cygnus to achieve truly extraordinary sound from digital sources as diverse as satellite radio, cable and satellite TV set-top boxes, and of course the traditional CD player.

No matter what the source, the Cygnus’s digital-to-analog conversion circuitry will reproduce it with the fidelity exceeded only by that of our Sirius Reference series HD digital audio source. The 32-bit/192-kilohertz DAC easily accommodates the most high-resolution audio files available today. The Cygnus actually contains four 32/192 DACs in a stereo balanced configuration, with separate DACs used for the positive- and negative-going signals of the left and right channels.

Cygnus Player Rear
A DSP-based digital filter of our own design not only achieves optimum performance from the 32/192 DAC, it also allows the user to fine-tune the sound by selecting different filters. Numerous filter profiles, such as minimum-phase, phase-perfect, Bessel and Butterworth, are available. Although it probably sounds very technical, there’s no engineering knowledge needed—just try the different filters and pick the one that best suits the system or the music.

The USB jack allows connection of any USB-compatible hard drive or USB stick. The 432 x 230-pixel front screen displays artist/album/track information and allows easy browsing by artist, genre, etc. Alternatively, you can browse digital files through an iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone or tablet.

An optional computer-compatible USB input extracts digital audio files from computers then converts them to pure I2S format, with separate data and clock signals for much lower jitter and far better sound than one would expect from computer audio.

Five traditional digital audio inputs—AES/EBU, two SPDIF coax, two TosLink optical—allow connection of practically any type of digital audio source device.

The output stage of the Cygnus is the same Line Stage Gain Module found in the Virgo preamp, in a fixed-gain version. The Line Stage Gain Module is a fully complementary preamp stage that uses mirror-imaged circuits—one for the positive half of the signal, one for the negative half—for superior noise rejection, faster slew rate and wider frequency response. The audio circuit is built entirely from discrete components, with no ICs used for analog audio functions.

The internal construction of the Cygnus resembles that of no other DAC (except, of course, our own Sirius HD digital music source). The circuitry is built on a “raft,” a plate that floats on an elastomeric suspension to maintain a tranquil environment for the sensitive audio circuitry. The top of the raft hosts the analog audio circuitry. Digital and control circuitry is suspended under the raft, and the plate isolates the audio circuitry from interference.

Separate Power Supply
A separate power supply provides two separate power feeds: an analog circuit based on an R-core transformer to power the analog circuits, and another power supply circuit to feed the digital and control circuitry. High-quality Hypertronics cables, originally developed for demanding aerospace applications, conduct power from the supply to the digital file server. Machined aluminium enclosures with a minimum wall thickness of 8.2mm bars electromagnetic interference from entering the chassis and affecting performance.

As its name suggests, the Cygnus is so far beyond the capabilities and quality of a standard DAC or disc player that it belongs in its own product category. It is sure to be emulated, but unlikely to be equalled.

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