REFERENCE ALTAIR II Line Stage ORION Phono Stage HERCULES II Mono Power Amplifier HERCULES II Stereo Power Amplifier

Altair II / Line Stage

Consider Altair II a collaborative effort. It began with the original Altair, created by Constellation Audio’s “dream team” of the world's best audio engineers and industrial designers. Our engineers then refined these original concepts using feedback from our dealers and customers. The result is a product with a more user-friendly interface, yet that retains the same sound quality as the original Altair, acclaimed by a leading audio magazine as setting a new standard “in virtually every sonic and musical criterion.”

Orion / Phono Preamplifier

The Orion is likely the finest phono stage ever created: the first phono preamp manufactured with the incomparable quality and attention to detail found in Constellation Audio's Altair II and Hercules Reference Series components. Not only is the Orion the first component to bring Reference Series sound quality to vinyl records, it offers unique flexibility and adjustability that lets it deliver the best possible sound quality from any cartridge... and any record.

Hercules II / Monoblock Power Amplifier

When one of America’s best-known audio reviewers described our original Hercules amplifier, along with our Altair preamp, as “the most transparent, detailed, and cleanest electronics I’ve heard,” we knew our “dream team” of top audio engineers and industrial designers had achieved its goal: to create the world’s best amplifier.

Hercules II / Stereo Power Amplifier

The decision to build a traditional, horizontal version of our original tower-style Hercules monoblock opened up an entirely new opportunity, one we knew many of the world’s most serious audiophiles would embrace. The horizontal format made it practical to create a stereo version of the Hercules—an amplifier in the same chassis, with the same effortless, extraordinary sound, but with two 500-watt channels instead of a single 1,000-watt channel.

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