The Absolute Sound Editors Choice Awards 2022

AWARDS Constellation Audio won multiple awards this year in The Absolute Sounds Editors’ Choice Awards 2022. Awarded to: Stereo 1.0 Mono 1.0 Centaur II Stereo Centaur II Mono Taurus Mono Hercules II Stereo Hercules II Mono Integrated 1.0 Argo Preamp 1.0 Pictor Virgo III Altair II Andromeda Perseus LEARN MORE

Stereophile Class A Recommended Components 2021

AWARDS Constellation Audio’s Centaur II 500 Stereo and Inspiration Stereo Amp were named in Stereophile’s Class A Recommended Components list in their April 2021 edition. Awarded to: Stereo 1.0 Centaur II 500 Stereo LEARN MORE

Florida Audio Expo 2020

EXHIBITIONS Had a great experience this weekend, Feb 7th – 9th, at the Florida Audio Expo 2020 in Tampa! Pictured are (left to right) Josh Clark from Rockport Technologies, Scott Walker from Scott Walker Audio, and Irv Gross from Constellation Audio in the expo’s Scott Walker Audio room. Partners Scott Walker Audio

Tokyo International Audio Show 2019

EXHIBITIONS A view behind the scenes of the 2019 Tokyo International Audio Show. Here we are presenting with Mr Hideaki Nishikawa, the president of our distributor Stella, Inc. At the event, we showed our Reference line products, like the Hercules mono amp and the Altair II preamp, and our Perseus phono stage, with Wilson Audio’s […]

UK Hi-Fi LIVE Show 2019

EXHIBITIONS Over the weekend of Oct 26-27, 2019, we had the pleasure of attending the UK Hi-Fi LIVE Show at its new venue at the Ascot Racecourse Grandstand. We joined Ricardo Franassovici from our UK distributor Absolute Sounds to present our Virgo III preamp and Centaur II 500 Stereo amplifier. As always, it was a great […]

HiFi Plus Review of Revelation Series for Munich High-End Show 2019

REVIEWS/SHOW REPORTS Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi Plus shares his thoughts on experiencing Constellation Audio’s Revelation Series at the Munich High-End Show 2019: “I found the Constellation Audio room to be musically insightful, effortlessly easy to sit in front of, capable of resolving extremely fine detail but in a way that doesn’t leave the listener cold, […]

Munich High End Show 2019

EXHIBITIONS A look behind the scenes at the Munich High End Show 2019. Munich High End 2019 Image 1 Munich High End 2019 Image 2 Munich High End 2019 Image 3 Munich High End 2019 Image 4 Munich High End 2019 Image 5 Munich High End 2019 Image 6 Munich High End 2019 Image 7 […]

Revelation Pictor Preamp – SoundStage Hi-Fi Review

REVIEWS/SHOW REPORTS SoundStage Hi-Fi’s Doug Schneider puts Constellation Audio’s Revelation series Pictor preamp through multiple sound test and provides a thorough review of the results. Related products Pictor READ MORE

Pictor, Andromeda, and Taurus Review – The Absolute Sound

REVIEWS/SHOW REPORTS Kirk Midtskog of The Absolute Sound reviewed our Pictor preamp, Andromeda phonostage, and Taurus monoblock for the May/June 2019 issue: “Simply put, the Revelation Series Pictor preamp, Andromeda phonostage, and Taurus monoblock amps deliver every aspect of music playback so satisfyingly well that they represent a “just right” balance of performance attributes for […]