Audiophilia – Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2015
by Audiophilia Staff
Oct 5th, 2015

So, before Karl takes over with his CANJAM thoughts, I’ll offer what I thought was the best sound of the show. Remembering that I did not hear every room and there were some magnificent systems on offer, my nod goes to the Constellation Audio/Wilson Audio room. Interestingly, I heard Wilson Audio Alexias in another room and they were eclipsed by the set being driven by Constellation Audio. Irv Cross who reps Constellation put on an MA Recordings CD of a viola da gamba. Holy Mother of God, this was bloody brilliant. Flesh, tone, superb musicality and displayed with absolute aplomb by the Constellation Electronics and one of my all time favourite speakers, the Wilson Audio Alexia. No less down the musical food chain, cabling was by magnificent Nordost.

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