Lovely stack of gorgeous sounding Constellation Revelation Series electronics

From Maurice Jeffries of Positive Feedback:

At a higher price-point, Martin-Logan’s ESL 15A Renaissance hybrid system (complete with Anthem’s proprietary ARC room correction software, state-of-the-art DSP processing, and dual Class D-powered dynamic woofers, all priced at a stiff but not unreasonable $25,000/pair) sang coherently and forcefully on the tail end of a reference system powered by a lovely stack of gorgeous and gorgeous sounding Constellation Revelation Series electronics. This marked the first public demoes of Constellation’s new Revelation Series components. Analogue source duties fell to the delicious-looking and sounding Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian turntable and matching Viper tonearm (around $45,000 for table and arm; Ortofon A-95 cartridge/$6,500) and the Constellation Andromeda Phono Stage ($18K plus $5K for the optional DC Filter). The gorgeous Pictor Preamp ($18K) and Taurus Power Amp ($19,500) rounded out the elctronics side of the equation (along with a loom of MIT cables). My woefully incomplete iPhone 7 notes read simply: “Superb transparency, but with body, delicacy, air and punch. The Constellation Revelation series [amps] and ML Renaissance speakers [are] a BOS contender.” Irv Gross, the firm’s VP of sales and mister all-things-Constellation stateside, and I plan to discuss a review of these superb amps as soon as possible.

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