Pictor, Andromeda, and Taurus Review – The Absolute Sound

Kirk Midtskog of The Absolute Sound reviewed our Pictor preamp, Andromeda phonostage, and Taurus monoblock for the May/June 2019 issue:

“Simply put, the Revelation Series Pictor preamp, Andromeda phonostage, and Taurus monoblock amps deliver every aspect of music playback so satisfyingly well that they represent a “just right” balance of performance attributes for me.”

“The Andromeda proved itself to be a major contributor to the fabulously clear, open, impactful playback coming from my system.”

“Whether I paired the amp with the Pictor, Virgo III, or my Ayre preamp, the Taurus retained its stunning transparency, extension, and dynamic snap. Music emerged in a vivid, evocative, Technicolor presentation that never sounded stilted or wore poorly over the long term.”

“This is not a thin-sounding amplifier. Everything was underpinned by a solid foundation and tonal colors were given their full measure of expression. Again, “just right.””

“It may seem like an obvious observation, but the Taurus paired with either the Pictor or Virgo III was particularly felicitous.”

“If you have the space and the means, I wholeheartedly recommend the Pictor, Andromeda, and Taurus.”

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