With the new Leo, Constellation reset the levels

Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi+ called Leo the “Product of the Show!”:

“With the new Leo (anticipated to be around $5,000) Constellation reset the levels. Leo is a departure for a company better known for making audio electronics that can cost up to the six-figure mark. Instead, Leo is a one-box stereo device that looks like a stealth fighter and features a three-way loudspeaker for each channel, 560W of Class D amplification, MQA-ready, 24/192-compatible, Roon-end point, as well as Chromcast, AirPlay, and Bluetooth wireless capacity. It even includes a MM/MC phono input, and can be configured as stereo speakers. The specs alone are impressive (many of these elements don’t sit entirely comfortably together, and Constellation resolves this by bringing some heavy lifting DSP to the table), but it’s backed up by some seriously impressive sounds in an otherwise drab show. In later discussions with the team, Leo forms the beachhead in a new ‘Dominion’ series of products with similar genre-bending goals. Keep watching the skies!”