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Manuals, Specification Sheets and Press Releases

Andromeda Amplifier Model Andromeda RevAndromedaPhonoA-4rev2.pdf Download
Pictor Amplifier Model Pictor RevPictorPhonoA-4.pdf Download
Revelation  Amplifiers

Taurus amplifier model Taurus mono RevTaurusPwrAmpA-4.pdf Download
Taurus amplifier model Taurus stereo RevTaurusPwrAmpA-4.pdf Download
Reference  Preamplifiers

Altair II RefAltairIIPreAmpA-4.pdf Download
Reference  Amplifiers

Hercules II Mono RefHerculesIIA-4.pdf Download
Hercules II Stereo RefHerculesIIA-4.pdf Download
Performance  Preamplifiers

Virgo III PerfVirgollIA-4.pdf Download
Performance  Amplifiers

Centaur II 500 Stereo PerfCentaurII500StereoA-4.pdf Download
Centaur II Mono PerfCentaurIIS_MAmpsA-4.pdf Download
Centaur II Stereo PerfCentaurIIS_MAmpsA-4.pdf Download
Performance  Integrated Amps

Argo ArgoIntAmpA-4rev5.pdf Download

Cygnus PerfCygnusA-4.pdf Download
Inspiration  Preamplifiers

Preamp 1.0 InspirPreAmpA-4.pdf Download
Inspiration  Amplifiers

Mono 1.0 InspirAmpsA-4.pdf Download
Stereo 1.0 InspirAmpsA-4.pdf Download
Inspiration  Integrated Amps

Integrated 1.0 InspirIntAmpA-4rev2.pdf Download
Legacy  Preamplifiers

Altair Altair_Specification.pdf Download
Virgo Virgo_Specification.pdf Download
Virgo II Virgo_II_Specifiation.pdf Download
Legacy  Amplifiers

Centaur Mono PerfCentaurStereo_MonoAmpsA-4.pdf Download
Centaur Stereo PerfCentaurStereo_MonoAmpsA-4.pdf Download
Hercules Hercules_Specification.pdf Download
Legacy  Phonostage

Orion RefOrionA-4.pdf Download
Legacy  Legacy

Pyxis Pyxis_Specification.pdf Download